Body of Work Critiques


I offer Body of Work critiquing for photography organizations. This can be a competition or just a critique. Typically each photographer submits 10 to 15 photographs that follow a theme, and it is the entire work that is critiqued, rather than the individual photos.

What I Look For

A great theme

Something that will appeal to the general thoughtful viewer, not just to other photographers

An artist's statement that      

       Clearly and simply expresses the theme

        Creates interest

        Possibly guides the viewer about what to look for

Photographic excellence

Cohesion - photos that support the theme and each other

Appropriate length - long enough to demonstrate a vision, but short enough to hold interest

        I point to "outliers" that might be good photos but that take the collection off course

Diversity - enough to hold interest, not so much that cohesion is lost

Consistent photographic style - enough for the viewer to see that the photographer has his or her own style, but not so much that the photos all start looking alike

Flow - (not always applicable) an order that leads me through the story

Strong start, strong finish

Some things I can't verbalize but I know it when I see it

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