The Tastee Diner in Bethesda, Maryland opened in 1935, and moved a few blocks to its current location in 1958. It is an authentic, classic dining car that was designed to change locations to serve various communities.  When I moved to Bethesda decades ago it was a sleepy little town and the Tastee Diner fit right in. Today Bethesda is filled with high-rise buildings and continues to endure endless upscale office and residential construction . One can't help but be concerned for the future of our beloved Tastee Diner.

Even though the Diner is a wonderful old structure, its heart and soul are the staff and customers. Most of the staff has been there forever. They function as a large, somewhat chaotic family. It's impossible not to admire their connection to one another. Not to be outdone, there are some regular customers who have been coming for decades, as well as new ones who discover the warmth of the Diner and its people.

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