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My Seattle Experience

Seattle is a complex place to photograph; the story cannot be told simply. This Folder is called a "Documentary" because there are a lot of photos in here compared to most of the other Folders on this website.

I lived in Seattle for 6 summers, from 2013 through 2018. It was a great experience. The city is really gorgeous, vibrant, and packed with things to see and do that we don't have in the DC area. There is so much variety, water everywhere, and a great one-off coffee shop never more than 5 minutes away. 

At first the Space Needle seemed totally goofy - a '60s remnant vaguely representing a spaceship. I quickly fell in love with the icon and went up multiple times each summer to photograph from high above. 

And I thought Lake Union looked way too chaotic. In a very short time I did a 180 and came to appreciate the  many Seattle-unique things  there, such as seaplanes, houseboats, lakefront University of Washington, Gas Works Park, sailing, commercial fishing boats, and more.

Green Lake, where I lived, is roughly circular and three miles around, surrounded by a century-old park, with a mind-numbing variety of outdoor activities.

There are so many cultural differences compared to the DC area, most of which are quite fun and amusing.

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