When I traveled by train to this Belgian railway station in summer 2019, I felt visually excited and overwhelmed. I was immediately taken by architect Santiago Calitrava's flowing skeletal shapes and the sense that no two beams are the same anywhere. I noticed that all the travelers were well protected from the weather, even on extended platforms, and that the sunlight poured in through the massive ceiling of skylights.

In spring 2020 I "discovered" the photographs I had taken that day, in the depths of my disk drives, and got right to work. Though it had been a bright, cheerful day when I traveled there, I decided to present the station as a dark, moody, almost deserted place, to symbolize our many months of hunkering down for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This collection is a very different black-and-white interpretation from anything I've done before. Each photo is darkened way down, then light is restored only to those elements that most caught my attention. The process was intuitive and totally absent of a formulaic approach.

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